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MSians Show Brilliance in SSC Exam 2022

95% Students Passed the Exam, Eleven got 10/10

Hyderabad / 30 June – In SSC 2022 examinations, the students of MS Creative School once again performed brilliantly while maintaining their tradition of success. Eleven students of MS Schools got 10/10 GPA these gems include:

  1. Nemat Ashraf
  2. Jawariya Noor
  3. Khansa Sadia
  4. Sana Sadaf
  5. Ayesha Tasneem
  6. Zainab Azhar
  7. Sheikh Hamad Inam
  8. Sofia Radha Maryam
  9. Afaf Ahmed
  10. Ummat-ur-Rehman Rabia
  11. Sara Fatima

The list of our excellent students does not stop here, apart from that another excellent performance include:

  • 28 students scored 9.8 GPA
  • 38 students scored 9.7 GPA
  • 47 students scored 9.5 GPA
  • 46 students scored 9.3 GPA
  • 38 students got 9.2 GPA
  • 57 students got 9 GPA

MS can proudly conclude that the total number of students who scored 9 and above GPA is 273 which is another milestone achieve by MS this year. On this occasion, MS management congratulated all the victorious students, their parents and teacher as well.

A function was held at the MS Corporate Office for the students who achieved success with distinction to boost their moral and to encourage them for future struggle. During the event MS Managing Director Mohammad Anwar Ahmed advised the students to work hard for their better future.

Senior Director Moazzam Hussain addressed the students and encouraged them. He said that despite lockdown the MSians performed very well in exams and their hard work is admirable. He advised the students to show the same performance in their future studies and try to come first because the first position is always vacant. He also said that the next two years are very important for the students as whatever field they choose they have to work hard.

He pointed out an important issue that after school most of the time in colleges one has to go to the teachers to clear their doubts, but in MS colleges the tradition is opposite where lecturers guide to students as they are familiar with students problems.

On this beautiful occasion, MS announced a big relief in fee structure for the new students and said that enrolling in MS from any school will be given a fee waiver on admission to the intermediate course as follows:

  • 60% to 10/10 GPA students
  • 50% to 9.8 and 9.9 GPA Students
  • 45% to 9.7 GPA students
  • 33% to 9.0 to 9.6 GPA students
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