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MSians visit to Parle Biscuit Factory

Field trip report

New Delhi: The primary section students of MS Creative School, Yamuna Vihar and Zakir Nagar had a propitious visit to the Parle Biscuit Factory at Bahadurgarh under the supervision of their teachers. On entering the premises, the students were shown a documentary related to the origin of the brand ‘PARLE’, its founder and various products manufactured by Parle. They were also taken in the manufacturing unit, where they got to know about various processes like kneading, mixing, shaping, baking, cooling to the final stage of packing.

The company official gifted the children chips and mango bite toffee as complimentary before they moved out.  It was an informative, knowledgeable and memorable trip for the students. They enjoyed the bus ride from the school to the factory.

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