MS Research Foundation is the research wing of MS created with the focus of designing a value-based curriculum to nurture students to be contributors of the society. Comprising a team of research scholars from Education, History, Islamic Studies, Child Psychology, and other fields, the research is focused on set objectives. It is this research that results in our value-based curriculum that integrates modern and Islamic education in every sphere, textbooks, and teaching methodology.

MS Research Foundation also works on the planning of academics including the methodology, assessment, and behavioral monitoring among other things. Another culmination of our research is reading material for children designed and developed with values as the core component and also with proper grading to suit a particular age. Our books focus on the values and manners to be imbibed and inculcated in the child of that particular age group.

Apart from designing curriculum, MSRF also governs Learning and Development of teachers and Research in the latest technology, educational models, etc.

Value-based Series

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