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Teacher should be the source of construction of students’ future

Becoming a teacher was never my dream. But destiny somehow pushed me here. There were many challenges that came across while teaching. What made me continue my journey are students. They kept on giving me reasons to grow professionally. But I think this profession needs updation more frequently than any other. You cannot remain same all the time. But what does not change is their love towards students. I always enjoyed being a teacher and that is the reason my students enjoy in class. But what makes me sad is those students who are talented but is shy.Designed by Brgfx

We teachers are more interested only in marks of very good students. And in all this we neglect those students who lag behind. For those students we teachers are partial. They don’t want to perform just because they don’t like us. They only need little attention from us, little love from us and little faith on them. Sometimes we make fun of them.

We have to become honest in our profession. We have to develop confidence in every student. Although it’ s not easy, but at least we should not hurt any student so much that he or she closes himself or herself in a box. The best way we should talk them individually. Appreciate such students wherever possible. We should become the source of construction of their future not of destruction.

MS. Fauzia Sultan,
Zakir Nagar, (Delhi)

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