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MS Got Talent 2024 Contest Finalists Announced

MSians exhibited remarkable talent with Hamd, Naat, Nazm recitation skills

In an effort to assess the non-academic endeavors and boost the morale of its students, MS Education Academy organized special competition under the title of “MS Got Talent” The competition, which include assessments of Hamd, Naat, Nazm recitation skills have been underway for the past three months. Culminating in a grand finale, titled “MS Got Talent 2024,” the event has been showcased on MS Education Academy’s social media channels since one month.

The initial rounds of these competitions were held in all branches of the MS Creative School and as well as MS Junior and Degree colleges, inviting students interested in reciting Hamd, Naat and Nazm. The talent assessment aimed to evaluate the students’ abilities across various domains. Following the first round, students demonstrating exceptional talent were selected for the next stage of the competition.

The second round on the basis of round robin was hosted at the Ababeel Media Hub which is an initiative of MS, where separate rounds were organized for boys and girls students. The winners from this round are selected for the finals. The eleven episodes comprising the round robins were released on MS Education Academy’s social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, garnering significant acclaim from viewers.

For the finals of MS Got Talent, a splendid special set was erected in the Salsabeel Studio of the “Ababeel Media Hub,” where the final face-offs among the students took place. Based on the exemplary performances, three winners were selected from both boys and girls categories, with additional consolation prizes awarded to other outstanding participants.

In the finals, a total of 44 students selected for the final auditions out of which 19 were boys and 25 were girls from the different branches of MS Creative School and MS Junior College in Hyderabad, Telangana.

In the boys’ category, three students emerged as winners, while six students awarded consolation prizes. Additionally, ten students were awarded certificates of participation for their outstanding performances.

Under the Boys Category, the winners are:

Winner Student  Name  Class Branch
1st  Syed Mohd Faoz X Sitaphalmandi
2nd Md Rehan Sharif CEC 1st Yr Charminar
3rd Md Khaja Jamaluddin VIII Akberbagh OlympIAS

6 students who got the consolation prizes are:

No. Student  Name  Class Branch
1 Md Rizwan Ali X Sitaphalmandi
2 Md Rehan CEC 2nd Yr Charminar
3 MA Aziz X Mallepally
4 Hammad Salman AlRasheed VII Muradnagar
5 Md Ibrahim Ahmed VII Muradnagar
6 Mohammed Adeeb Asad VIII Akberbagh OlympIAS

In the girls’ category, three students clinched the top spot as winners, while ten students received consolation prizes, and an additional twelve students were awarded certificates of participation for their exceptional performances.

Under the Girls Category, the winners are:

Winner Student  Name  Class Branch
1st  Syeda Nizra Sultana X Tolichowki
2nd Syeda Ruqaiya Nawal X Charminar
3rd Iqra Fatima X Tolichowki

10 student who got the consolation prizes are:

No. Student  Name  Class Branch
1 Butool Fatima VIII Tolichowki
2 Syeda Sadaf Begum VIII Muradnagar
3 Aisha Zaariya VII Charminar
4 Hafsa Zareen BiPC 2nd Yr Charminar
5 Mahenoor Uzmira BiPC 1st Yr Charminar
6 Sara Ahmed Shah BiPC 1st Yr Charminar
7 Umme Safoora Fatima BiPC 1st Yr Charminar
8 Zuha Fatima IX Akberbagh
9 Suburah Hasan IX Akberbagh
10 Husna Siddiqui X Tolichowki

The finals of MS Got Talent with the extraordinary performance of the students aired on social media The girls’ final competition was revealed on Saturday, March 9th, while the boys’ final was unveiled on Sunday, March 10th. The event uploaded on all the MS social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Prominent Naat Reciter Mr. Asad Khan was invited as the Judge of the MS Got Talent competition. His expertise not only facilitated the selection of finalists and winners but also provided guidance and insights to the participating students.

Mr. Asad Khan, praised MS Education Academy for the organization of the Hamd, Naat, and Nazm recitation competitions. He praised the abilities of MS students while expressing best wishes for their future endeavors. Furthermore, he extended his willingness to collaborate with MS for any similar initiatives in the future.

Girls Final Revealed on 8th March 2024

YouTube video

Boys Final Revealed on 9th March 2024:
YouTube video

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